WDP is a Simple Word Division Puzzle Generator

WDP is a simple word division puzzle generator designed to sharpen logic and algebra skills. If you love the struggle to find an answer through logical processes, this app is for you!

Super Simple
WDP does just what it says. It simply creates a Word Division Puzzle, and checks your answer. No crazy animations to thwart your concentration.
Built by an Enthusiast
WDP was built by not only someone who loves to program, but by someone who loves solving word division puzzles. I've been solving them for nearly 30 years.
Sharpen Your Logic Skills
Need a break from chess but still itching for a logic fix? WDP (Word Division Puzzles) may be just the app for you!
Something Else that Sounds Super
Okay, I ran out of things to say about WDP. It really is just a super simple word division puzzle generator.

How Much Is It?

Super Cheap